Here's what a few of our clients had to say:

Business Coaching, Facilitation, Policy Work, Organisational DevelopmentRecruitment, Strategic Planning,Team Building, Training

'Travailler avec Sylvie est toujours un plaisir. Efficace, à l'écoute, positive et déterminée, elle fait avancer les projets rapidement tout en instaurant un climat de travail agréable et rassembleur'. Audrey Cormier, Réseau TNO Santé. 

Translation: Working with Sylvie is always a pleasure. She is efficient, listens, is positive and determined; she advances projects quickly, instilling a pleasant and collaborative environment'. January, 2019

Business Coaching:

'Thanks again for everything.  Having taking the courses and having the one on ones with you had made me realize many things: I have so much potential; I should never settle for anything less, and coasting along in my job is TOO easy. There are so many things to list. Our conversations forced me to find out more about myself. Not only what I am capable of doing but also what I COULD be doing. I really would like to thank you. I am now on a better career journey for my family and myself. THANK YOU!!!' Conrad Nabess, Assistant Manager. 2014


'Thank you Sylvie. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your facilitation style. I have been in government for many years and attended some really bad team building in that time. I thoroughly enjoyed the two sessions I did with you.' Karen Willy, GNWT, February 2019.

'Sylvie provided management of a large crowd on a sensitive issue. She was efficient, gracious, and managed to keep balance while ensuring everyone felt they were heard. Thank you for your expedient and professional facilitation of our event'. Jacqueline McKinnon, GNWT, January 2019

'I'd like to thank you again for your work facilitating the RFP development in Yellowknife. That was a very important meeting for us as it helped lay the foundation for this project.' Carolyn Dubois, Program Officer, Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation. March 2014

'I have never attended a meeting that was so well facilitated.' Karen Panke, Native Communications Society of the NWT. Participant, Recruitment & Retention Forum organized by CDETNO. September 2013

'Thank you so much for helping us to come together as a Board as you walked us through the Strategic Planning process. You helped us remind ourselves of why we do what we do.  Reestablishing Mission and Vision statements has been key in giving us a renewed passion to move forward.'  Wendy Karstad, President, Canadian Parents for French- NWT Branch. Spring 2012

Policy Work:

'Your report was very helpful for the Board and led to some good discussion on staff compensation. The recommended payscales were approved and the Board went through each of the benefits and provided input and direction. On the whole, it was very productive. Thank you!'. Geoff Ray, Executive Director, NWT Recreation and Parks Association, November 2019.

'I hired Sylvie to assist in the creation of an HR manual for our organization. Sylvie’s knowledge and expertise of regulations and legislation was invaluable, but we truly benefited from her knowledge and insight on industry best practices. I would highly recommend AYNI Conceptions!'. Deneen Everett, Executive Director, Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce, Fall 2018

'Sylvie and AYNI was very helpful, listened to us to find out what we needed. Sylvie always provided common sense advice and made sure that we knew about all the options that were available to us. She is fun to work with, professional, and committed to providing great service. I would strongly recommend Sylvie for any Human Resources work!' Geoff Ray, Executive Director, NWT Recreation and Parks Association. November 2016.

Organizational Development:

'Sylvie was invaluable in restructuring and guiding the Chamber through our difficult transitional period. Her knowledge and experience were extremely beneficial and the Board of Directors was very disappointed when she declined our offer to hire her as our full-time Executive Director.  We will require her services in the coming year to assist us on restructuring our policies and procedures manual.' Larry Jacquard, Past President, Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce. Fall 2012.


Translation: 'Congratulations...for having had the good idea of hiring Sylvie to bring this project to success, a contract that Sylvie took on with excellence!', Roxanne Valade, Advisory Committee, Réseau TNO Santé. February 2015.

«Bravo... pour avoir eu cette très bonne idée d'embaucher Sylvie pour mener à bien ce projet, un contrat que Sylvie s'est acquitté avec brio!», Roxanne Valade, Comité consultatif, Réseau TNO Santé. Février 2015

Strategic Planning:

The YK Golf Club worked with Sylvie for our Strategic Plan Workshop. We were impressed by Sylvie’s professionalism and the amount of pre-work she put in. She showed up with full knowledge of our unique needs and challenges so we were able to hit the ground running. The end product was a great document that was easy for us to begin using immediately.” Jenni Bruce, Yellowknife Golf Club, Spring 2018.

'Sylvie's strength is the way she connects with individuals and bring them together into a collective voice. It's highly effective for strategic planning and communications work alike.' William Kellett, Board Member, Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation. Summer 2016.

« Dans l’élaboration de notre planification stratégique, Sylvie a su ajuster son offre de services selon nos besoins en s’assurant que les délais entre chaque étape et le mode de consultations répondaient à nos besoins. Nous sommes très satisfaits de pouvoir compter sur notre planification stratégique pour guider nos actions. Ce document de référence nous permet de confirmer la pertinence de nos actions lorsque nous avons de nouvelles orientations stratégiques à prendre. Pour une organisation sans but lucratif qui évolue au TNO, le haut taux de roulement peut parfois affecter les orientations d’une organisation, la planification stratégique, réalisée par Sylvie Francoeur, nous assure de garder le cap. Merci Sylvie . Antoine Gagnon, Directeur général, CDÉTNO. 2015.

Translation: 'In the development of our strategic plan, Sylvie was able to modify her services to fit our needs; she ensured that time spent on each step and the style of consultation used fit our needs. We are very satisfied to be able to count on our strategic plan to guide our actions. This reference document allows us to confirm the relevance of our actions. For a not-for-profit organization that is evolving in the NWT, the high level of turn-over can sometimes affect an organization's orientation; our strategic plan, developed by Sylvie Francoeur, ensures that we stay on track. Thanks Sylvie.' Antoine Gagnon, Executive Director, CDETNO. 2015

Team Building and Communication:

'Thank you Sylvie. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your facilitation style. I have been in government for many years and attended some really bad team building in that time. I thoroughly enjoyed the two sessions I did with you.' Karen Willy, GNWT, February 2019.

'Ayni Conceptions was hired to assist us with improving communications in our office. There are close to 30 staff members in the division, some who were quite new, some who had been there for a while and since we are very busy, we do not have much time to get to know each other. Sylvie lead us through an exercise using TTI Insight's assessments where everyone gained an insight into their own communication style and through that, we learned how to adapt to others' communication style. Everyone was amazed at how accurate these assessments were and there were quite a few 'a-ha' moments where people understood why others were behaving a certain way.  It increased everyone's own confidence level and allowed us to be more honest and understanding with each other. This exercise was a great start to improving and opening up communications in our division. I would highly recommend it!' Lisa Dyer, Director, Environment, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Government of the Northwest Territories. October 2013

'Sylvie's expertise in team building helped to reinforce our team. Through the use of TTI Insight tools, the employees were help to gain more insight into their behaviors and values, particularly in regards to communication. Thanks to her knowledge of human resources, Sylvie was able to demystify every team member's profile and gave us some easy tricks and advice to improve communication within the team. Her insight into everyone's personality allowed everyone to discover their specific role within the team so that they could contribute even more to the organization. Thank you!'  Anne-Christine Boudreau, Executive Director, CDETNO. Winter 2012.


'Sylvie actively engaged the participants and encouraged discussions based on experiences. Her facilitation skills were tested to keep us on track, but event the heavy course material was made manageable. Thank you!' Participant feedback, Mental Health First Aid course, September 2019.

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