Strategic Planning

Everyone knows that planning is an important part of doing business. It ensures that ressources are used efficiently and that everyone is working in the same direction and hopefully, for the same reasons. Strategic planning allows an organization to analyse it's past and present situation, to visualize its future, and determine the strategies it wants to adopt to move forward. It's also a great way to mobilize staff, volunteers, or a community to work together for a common goal. 

Ayni Conceptions has helped the following organizations adopt a strategic plan:



'Sylvie's strength is the way she connects with individuals and bring them together into a collective voice. It's highly effective for strategic planning and communications work alike.' William Kellett, Board Member, Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation.

« Dans l’élaboration de notre planification stratégique, Sylvie a su ajuster son offre de services selon nos besoins en s’assurant que les délais entre chaque étape et le mode de consultations répondaient à nos besoins. Nous sommes très satisfaits de pouvoir compter sur notre planification stratégique pour guider nos actions. Ce document de référence nous permet de confirmer la pertinence de nos actions lorsque nous avons de nouvelles orientations stratégiques à prendre. Pour une organisation sans but lucratif qui évolue au TNO, le haut taux de roulement peut parfois affecter les orientations d’une organisation, la planification stratégique, réalisée par Sylvie Francoeur, nous assure de garder le cap. Merci Sylvie ». Antoine Gagnon, Directeur général, CDÉTNO.

Translation: 'In the development of our strategic plan, Sylvie was able to modify her services to fit our needs; she ensured that time spent on each step and the style of consultation used fit our needs. We are very satisfied to be able to count on our strategic plan to guide our actions. This reference document allows us to confirm the relevance of our actions. For a not-for-profit organization that is evolving in the NWT, the high level of turn-over can sometimes affect an organization's orientation; our strategic plan, developed by Sylvie Francoeur, ensures that we stay on track. Thanks Sylvie.' Antoine Gagnon, Executive Director, CDETNO.